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see it draw closer, straight up ahead
this is the plain of the shadow of death
catch your breath, hold the sight
keep it close, here in your mind's eye  
push on ahead, never looking back
you fight to live and live for the fight
pick this up and run, you're the only ones
keep driving on, fight this thing until you've won
standing together, never backing down
this is the end and here we go now
And we'll be carrying on, until the day it doesn't matter anymore
Step aside, you forgot what this is for
We fight to live, we live to fight
And tonight, you'll hear my battle cry
We live our lives on the frontlines
We're not afraid of the fast times
These days have opened up my eyes
And now, I see where the threat lies
Everybody, with your fists raised high
Let me hear your battle cry tonight
Stand beside, or step aside
We're on the frontline
~Frontline - Pillar
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July 28, 2009
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